Testing a drop shaft to release a container above the opening
Investigating a collider issue on the TL-01 craft. The ship is stuck on the building after a hard contact.


Trying various visual effects on UFO cinematic
Rogue Mode new cockpit monitor testing


Checking an issue with colliders of the CF-2 craft


Bound box adjustments for cargo pickup on that lifter craft


New transport spacecraft and and docking by the top with stations
Dockport concept and tests with nose hatch
Orbital station with vessels attached. Altitude 159 km.
Dock bay with a E101 vessel


Orbit launch test data results for altitude 748 km. This to find a correct Launch force to get a circular orbit path for orbital stations.
docking contact / capture tests trying different shapes of vessel-side hatch
looking the undocking event from external camera, to verify ship docked position is correct
Adjusting the atmosphere scattering shader and fog color to choose sky colors


Testing terrain geometry noise and material on the night side
investigating bugs in the docking guiding system on final approach


First landing on stable terrain mesh ground on a planet full-scale radius 6300 km
Terrain mesh tiles Level-Of-Detail snapshot to test and adjust LOD distances

2015 / 2016

Testing terrain noise and atmosphere scattering shader, traveling using a kinematic craft ( no physic, no air friction )
Atmosphere mesh testing on a 6300 km radius full scale planet
Orbital flight at 158 km altitude with gravitation physic and real-time orbital data in cockpit